Friday, November 23, 2012


Thanks giving this year started great! the week before my sister had her second kid. His name is Case Timothy Cranney. She had him last Thursday. Also last week I was up north at the University of Utah doing some test. Man they were hard they were four days long, the first day they had me do a VO2 test and of course that all ways hurts then the second day they had me do a ten minute time trial were I go as hard as a I can tell I cant go any more. Then the third day they had me hold a certain amount of power tell I just couldn't any more. The. The last day I thought is would be a little easier just 30 seconds all out but at the end of that 30 I was cooked man. While I was up north I did some great riding. Last Saturday my dad motorpaced me around Utah lake. I love that ride it is all ways just super fast and hard but way fun! Then on Sunday I did a nice ride up around suncrest. Last Sunday my family celebrated thanksgiving so that the hole family could be there but my sister because she just had her kid. So that was fun, but on Tuesday we went to my sisters house and celebrated a second thanksgiving with her and her family. After dinner my parents drove to st George I drove down in the morning. Yesterday was thanksgiving it was a great day I went for a stellar ride around gun lock! The. Me and my parents went to a movie and just had some leftovers for dinner haha. Today Black Friday me and my parents are headin down to Las Vegas to have lunch with my aunt and then go to h&m. It will be a great day!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The weekend back up north

Well Wednesday night I decided I would head up north for the weekend so after my ride on Thursday I got in the car and drove home. I love the drive I put in some great music and just chill all the way home. Friday I woke up did my core work outs and then I decided to go and help my brother out and baby sit his kids. It was way fun we watched the amazing spider man. Friday was also the first day of the big snow storms in Utah this year, it snowed the whole day. When I was done baby sitting I drove up to H&M to get a some new pants. When I got home me and my parents decided to go out to dinner so we went and had a nice meal at market street grill. Also what happened Friday night was the UCA awards dinner, turns out I won male Utah cyclist of the year haha I had no idea until my team mate text me haha. Saturday it was still snowing and was going to all day. In the morning I watched the Arsenal game it was a great game, great way to start the day! Then after the game me and Andre went for a awesome ride, it snowed on us the whole time. Half way through the ride we stopped at 7 eleven to get a pumpkin spice hot chocolate it was so good just what we needed to get home hahaha! On Sunday I went and watched my nieces and nephew sing in church they did great! After that me and Andre went for another awesome ride! We rode up the climb in draper were I got hit by the car, it was such a great ride. Now I'm just winding down from a great day and watch the MLS playoff game LAvsSEA.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back in st George

Last Friday I drove back down to st George, it's been amazing sense I've been here it has been so nice and warm! I went for two awesome three hour rides on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I went up Utah mtn then went down the back side to the bottom and rode back. Then on Sunday I rode out to hurricane and back. Then Monday was a rest day so I just did a easy 45 minute spin and then did my core training. Yesterday I had a photo shoot with my new sponsor lifestrength! The photos turned out amazing they were awesome! Then after my photo shoot I wen for my ride I did loops up snow canyon it was great! I forgot on Monday I went to the store and bought a new sketch book so I could start sketching again. Today I went for an awesome ride out to the new airport and back. Then I did my core work out. Now I'm just chilling at Starbucks. I'm just living the life! Oh ya Obama got reelected last night that's what's new. Ill post photos soon from the photo shoot.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well yesterday was Halloween. In my family Halloween is the biggest and best holiday of the year! My parents go crazy with decorating and scaring the neighborhood kids! This Halloween I woke up had some breakfast did my core work outs and then made some rice pudding for my brother and his family. After that I headed down to baby sit my brothers kids while he went to work, then my mom and dad came over and my dad sat on my brothers porch and scared all the kids that were trick or treating. My mom took the grand kids out trick or treating. But they all wanted to stay home and watch my dad scare all of the kids ha ha!
November 1st
Today I went for a great ride. I love riding at this time of the year with the leaves on the ground and the cool crisp air. I decided to go up suncrest on my ride it was great so much fun! Now I'm just babysitting my brothers kids and watching the arsenal game!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well this is my first blog post. I have finally decided to make a blog, in my blog ill just talk about any thing and everything that comes to my mind. ill be talking about cycling a lot sense its what I do ha. It is the off season now so I have just been chilling. After worlds I came home and went to Mexico with my parents to just hang out and relax after a great year. After Mexico Ive been back and forth with my living arrangements one week its st George the next its back home ha, it really just depends if the weather is good or not. Its been crazy these past two day because yesterday my dad was driving to work when he got hit by another car and rolled him. It was nuts but hes fine. now I'm just chilling writing this post and listening to some Lana Del Rey. I decided I wanted to learn spanish so im learning it ha.